A feeling, which strikes the fourth, the softest note ‘ma’ on the musical scale whenever I hear it. May be it is the same case with you all. It’s not mere a place on the map, it’s the memory, more happy less harsh, deeply carved in our hearts. Patratu, of course, is known for the thermal power plant that generates electricity, but, for us it has generated a never lasting relationship among us who have spent their charming childhood as well their golden youth. There are so many memories that we actually live and some, if not all, we all have a desire to relive.


PTPS High School

Students of this school passed out are every corner of this world working now a days with a feeling of “my school” for PTPS High School.



Whenever we see any where this kind of chimney, for a second, We feel we have also the same type in PTPS.


PTPS Dam Gate

Most beautiful to look at when all 8 doors open in rainy season.

Recollecting my memories from the Middle School from class 1 to 7; of course afterwards Arbind Middle School constructed there in front of the ‘Barka field’ that is witness to so many sports events like Curian challenge football tournament to Annual Sports on 26th January. I remember the enthusiasm not only in us children at that time but in the adults as well. We also played a lot of cricket in that ground. Besides it, the Hockey ground, touching the walls of the Hospital, Amdalay. On the other side of the road The Russian Hostel besides which an Engineers’ Hostel constructed later, where there is a Tennis court.

The legendary Imli ped near the Post Office is the adda for trade union and a bus stop.The Singh Book Stall, where we read news paper and magazines. The moment I recall the newspaper Mahadani suddenly comes into my mind and of course in many of you. The High School, from class 8 to 10, where we were in growing stage, has to be mentioned as well The High School ground and the Club. The Club, where the indoor games we play like badminton, carrom, chess and table tennis. Those were the days without any tension of what will happen next…….. Sweet Patratu, the loveliest town of the valley, you will be there in our heart till it breaths.

The New Market, the Atta chakki, the medical stores, the photo studio and the vegetable vendors – some permanent, some coming on daily basis from nearby villages like Katia, Koto, Labga and Rasda – remember, we used to call the old lady vendors “Nani” …..My God, where gone those days!

Now let’s move towards the Shram Kalyan Kendra – a lot of movies we have watched there and there are those Lakthowalas and Mungfaliwalas…. (One of them was named ” company”) the excitement of knowing which movie is going to be played there….the waiting of Rajrappa Roadways and Lakahnlal….to follow Ramtaji and asking which movie is there….the rush…the run from bus stop to Shram Kalyan …..how can anyone forget. The Panch Mandir, Hanuman Garhi and yes the Shiv Garhi also….those were not only places of worship but our meeting places for games and all gossips also.

Our morning and evening walks through market, the Dhalan, Janta nagar, Birsa Market to Dam talking on so many topics. The Circuit House, the swimming in dam and just roaming on the way towards the bridge of the dam and seeing and counting the gates….O Lord, return our childhood, wanna grow up once again.

The 1st January, the picnic is celebrated like a festival. Going to the Pahla pul, enjoying the picnic altogether. The Republic Day – the speech of the Head Sir in Middle School and in the High School, the toffee distribution and then going to Children’s Park for parade. Saraswati Puja is being celebrated in the schools. The preparations for the cultural events, the Bundia and Sev as the Prasad, all musti and fun. Then the Holi, I really never ever celebrate Holi the way we used to in Patratu. The colour, mud, aluminium paint in the morning and then new clothes and gulal in the evening – going and eating at each others’ home; how can anyone forget?

Durga Puja, the voice of Dhaki baja in Shram Kalyan Kendra, the making of murti in Panch Mandir, the decoration at different pandals; it seems we were living in quite a different world. From Saptami till the murti visarjan roaming from one pandal to another, shram kalyan to market, mandir to Hanuman Garhi, Shah Colony to Janta Nagar…. Everywhere and everybody used to involve in the Puja. On Deepawali, bursting of crackers, sweets and all, the lights and diyas, the entire colony looked so beautiful at night. The Chhath puja when in the evening and then the next early morning at dam to offer arghya and just to wander here and there in groups of friends..how loving were those  days. So many festivals were being celebrated with full heart every year. I never ever spend a single year like that. The memories of Patratu…..Patratu will be in our memories forever, forever, forever…….

The memories of Patratu can’t be completed without mentioning our great and loving teachers of our schools…Adarsh Bal Niketan, Middle School, Arbind School, Haisla Middle School, Patratu School of Economics, High School and the PTPS College. Our regards to all the teachers who taught us in a way we are capable to be rational even in adverse situations.

After recollecting the intense overflow of memories, I may have forgotten some of them, which will be added in due time…. Just to live the moments we spent in Patratu, an initiative “Patratu Connect” has been taken where we all try Patratuites will meet like a family and share the moments of past and present and will plan our future. It will be an initiative to make live the feelings of Patratu in all of us……


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